spinning round and round since 1998

DJs do it with their hands.

I first stood behind a pair of turntables at 18, having just received my first grown-up present. Unashamedly, I spun Happy Hardcore for four years, narrowly avoiding the Trance scene by a hair’s breadth. After finally maturing out of Hardcore, I took a two year sabbatical from music until digital DJ software first reared its ugly head and I started to fiddle with Traktor DJ Studio 2

I now rock the Faderfoxes and pretend I’m Richie Hawtin, Playing Techno, Tech House and a sprinkling of Progressive House in The Cave, a super secret venue in West Yorkshire. I guess I’ve been quite inspired by my time at clubs like Sankeys, Mint and Back2Basics, wanting to play driving, bouncy sounds and hoping my passion is infectious to the crowd. I do enjoy a spin on the old turntables or CDJs once in a while.

I am also trying to make my own computer noises but I’ve got a long way to go before people can listen!

How I see myself in my head

Korg KM-402 | 2 x Native Instruments Kontrol X1 | Traktor Scratch Pro | MacBook Pro 13 inch | Sennheiser HD25 SP headphones

August 19, 2010

If you want my advice: buy a Mac and Ableton, I did the same and can’t regret it!

August 20, 2010

On order as we speak!

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