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Just awesome.

Here’s the original:

Chap hop artist Professor Elemental brings this eerie rhyming tale of zombies invading London. This guy deserves more recognition than he gets, so here’s my contribution.

8. Hungry (featuring Vecks) by Professor Elemental

Also, as a bonus, check out Fighting Trousers

You can buy his music over at his very own fine emporium of high quality musical delights.

Roy RosenfelD is hot property right now. The young producer originally produced Electro House but now throws his weight behind some absolutely amazing Techno bangers. Chekkit!



As a DJ/producer, it helps a lot to understand how music ‘works’. Knowing how to read notes on sheet music, even at basic level can open up more possibilities for harmonic mixing, composition and many other parts of the process. Even though I spent several years as a nipper learning the piano, it’s all a bit rusty these days.

Someone on the DJTechTools forums recommended a brilliant, simple interactive tutorial to run through some of the basics. The lessons are quick and easy, with visual cues to see what is meant. The site is broken down into three sections:

  1. Lessons – a quick slideshow style run through the things you need to know, including animated visual aids. There are about 30 or so sections.
  2. Exercises – You can create your own exercises to help practice music understanding. There are several categories to choose from.
  3. Tools – Some small tools and calculators to help you along with music.


You might not be an expert any time soon, but at least you won’t have to pretend you understand when Clefs, sharps and Staffs are mentioned. Head over to Ricci Adams’ musictheory.net site and get learning.

Thanks for the tip, djalexlaine!

Even though this is probably WAY too hard for Mark Knight, it was good fun creating this mix for the competition. I mixed it on Traktor Scratch Pro with four decks and the Faderfox DX2s. I hope you like it!

Toolroom Knights Competition Entry by Nullpointoh on Mixcloud

001. Jasper Batge – Loon Loon (Original Mix)
002. Damolh33 – Truffle (Original Mix)
003. Claude VonStroke – Vocal Chords (Voodeuxs Grumbly Mix)
004. Gaiser – Static Level (Original Mix)
005. Perception of Sound – O (Original Mix)
006. Orlando Villegas and Matt Nordstrom – Spanglish (Len Faki Edit)
007. HEFTY – Metropolis (Original Mix)
008. Luis Flores – The Pain in My Left Arm (Original Mix)
009. DJ Tonio – Shibuya (Original Mix)
010. Alan Fitzpatrick – A Small Decline (Original Mix)
011. Switch – A Bit Patchy (Original Mix)
012. Dubfire – Rabid (Original Mix)
013. Beatonics – Dance With Us (Original Mix)
014. Phil Kieran – Never Ending Mountain (Egbert Remix)
015. Slacker – Hymn To Her (Lank Bootleg)


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