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A funny thing happened to me the other day. I received an email from a friend last Thursday with the subject line “potential gig”, asking if I could take part in a competition the following Tuesday. The email continued: “The set is only 15 minutes long and the theme is mash up – so you have to mash at least three genres in a mini set.”

So far so good…

Curiosity got the better of me so I tried to find out a bit more. Turns out the event was the Red Bull Thre3style competition. 15 minutes, three styles, two turntables and a mixer.

I don’t even own a pair of turntables.

Luckily after making some more enquiries I was told that:

  • YES, I was allowed to use Traktor Scratch,
  • NO, I couldn’t use a MIDI controller,
  • YES, I could go on early.

I can honestly say that I don’t remember ever being as stressed as the days leading up to the event. With such a short time to prepare, I was panicking. Nothing in my set was coming together, and I scrapped my entire set and started again at least twice. But you know what? Once I arrived at the venue and saw the stage, my nerves disappeared. Even though I had maybe three or four tunes in my playlist, the moment I put the needle on the record, I knew I was ready.

That night, I learnt an important lesson: there is such a thing as too much preparation. Trust your skills and talent.

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