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A wise DJ that worked in a PA equipment store once told me “look after your cables and they’ll look after you” and showed me how to wind them up based on their natural coil. He’s out of business now (not that wise, I guess!) but the lesson stuck with me ever since. It’s true that cables are the oft forgotten component in your setup and they can save you if you take care of them.

That’s why I never understood why anyone would think the 4-pin Firewire port was ever a good idea. It’s far too easy to knock out and usually requires an adapter. I’ve never trusted the connector and always strapped it down with electrical tape if I was DJing with my laptop.

So, as Yoda might say:

“Look after your cables, you will.”


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Phil Morse
July 23, 2010

Too true, I find USBs can play silly buggers too, no good when your DJ controller is attached to your laptop by one of them…

July 23, 2010

I’ve not had that many problems with USB. My controller is good old MIDI still. The biggest battle is audio feedback from the power to the audio!

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