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Even though this is probably WAY too hard for Mark Knight, it was good fun creating this mix for the competition. I mixed it on Traktor Scratch Pro with four decks and the Faderfox DX2s. I hope you like it!

Toolroom Knights Competition Entry by Nullpointoh on Mixcloud

001. Jasper Batge – Loon Loon (Original Mix)
002. Damolh33 – Truffle (Original Mix)
003. Claude VonStroke – Vocal Chords (Voodeuxs Grumbly Mix)
004. Gaiser – Static Level (Original Mix)
005. Perception of Sound – O (Original Mix)
006. Orlando Villegas and Matt Nordstrom – Spanglish (Len Faki Edit)
007. HEFTY – Metropolis (Original Mix)
008. Luis Flores – The Pain in My Left Arm (Original Mix)
009. DJ Tonio – Shibuya (Original Mix)
010. Alan Fitzpatrick – A Small Decline (Original Mix)
011. Switch – A Bit Patchy (Original Mix)
012. Dubfire – Rabid (Original Mix)
013. Beatonics – Dance With Us (Original Mix)
014. Phil Kieran – Never Ending Mountain (Egbert Remix)
015. Slacker – Hymn To Her (Lank Bootleg)

Native Instruments just announced on various social channels a new video with Dubfire demonstrating some new software/hardware.

Upcoming new Traktor system roadtested by Dubfire in this video:

EDIT: Skratchworx has a fair write up about the hardware.

To quote:

  • Large form factor like the Torq Xponent and Amercian Audio VMS4
  • 4 channels
  • 4 hot cues
  • Transport controls below the jogs
  • Sample player – looks like 4 slots per deck (or maybe 2 decks plus 2 sample banks?) with play, volume and maybe F for filter (should silence the haters at last)
  • 4″ Jogwheel with a big ass Traktor logoSome sort of status bar showing different lights – on air, samples, deck a/c and deck b/d indicators, keylock and master
  • Loop controls to crunch or expand the loop with what looks like an numerical readout
  • Built in track navigation and loading
  • Big filter on each channel
  • Lots of lights for ease of use in the dark
  • I can’t make out effects controls, but seeing as this controller largely mimics the interface of Traktor, I expect these controls are across the top


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Cough syrupMy latest mix using four decks and Traktor Pro. This is mostly Techno ranging from big warehouse sounds to some messy beats. I finished off the mix with a more uplifting sound to leave the listener feeling good. Next mix will be for a couple of competitions I have my eye on.

Cough Syrup 20100530

001. Pupkulies and Rebecca – Save Me (Someone Else Remix)
002. Rognug Tarum – Inhibite (Original Mix)
003. Milton Channels – Abacaxi (Original Mix)
004. Lopazz and Alex Flatner – Make Up Your Mind (Steve Lawler Remix)
005. F.Sonik – Drums Are Talking (Original Mix)
006. Zoltan Kontes and Jerome Robins – Pump It (Original Mix)
007. Pupkulies and Rebecca – Burning Boats (Masomenos Remix)
008. Jerome Sydenham – The Scavenger (Original Mix)
009. Umek – Sequence Of Shapes (Original Mix) / John Creamer – I Wish You Were Here ft Nkemdi (Dub Mix)
010. John Creamer & Stephane K featuring Oliver Twisted – I Love You (Hybrid’s Claustrophobic Mix)
011. Spencer Parker – Yogoto (Original Mix)
012. Oliver Koletzki – Requiem Fur Die Vernunft (Lutzenkirchens Max Payne Remix)
013. Tiesto – Louder Than Boom (Henry Saiz Remix)


Clubbing at home, apparently.

We received an email with an interesting competition from B@ TV and the notorious DJ Hero music game.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like to be a jet-setting super-star DJ with a global crowd literally at your finger tips, now is your chance to find out. Be-at.tv are on the hunt for one top-notch DJ to support Mark on a globetrotting Toolroom tour. This includes a DJ set at Ministry of Sound as well as your local club!

Quoth the email:

To enter, you must record a 60-minute mix on to MP3. You have carte blanche to really go for it here, in whatever genre you choose and we will accept mixes done on vinyl, CDJs or laptops.

Once you’ve whipped up 60-minutes of beat nirvana, simply join the DJ Hero page on b@ and you will be able to upload your mix.

Mark and the Toolroom records crew will select their favourite set and who knows, you could end up being the DJ Hero of the Dark Knight himself.

No idea on a closing date but get in there quick!


A wise DJ that worked in a PA equipment store once told me “look after your cables and they’ll look after you” and showed me how to wind them up based on their natural coil. He’s out of business now (not that wise, I guess!) but the lesson stuck with me ever since. It’s true that cables are the oft forgotten component in your setup and they can save you if you take care of them.

That’s why I never understood why anyone would think the 4-pin Firewire port was ever a good idea. It’s far too easy to knock out and usually requires an adapter. I’ve never trusted the connector and always strapped it down with electrical tape if I was DJing with my laptop.

So, as Yoda might say:

“Look after your cables, you will.”

This is really nerd heaven for fans of Traktor Pro and/or Techno music. Legend Richie Hawtin playing live. You can see he has a pair of NI’s Kontrol X1s, a lovely Allen & Heath Xone42 mixer and NI Maschine hooked up somewhere.

I saw Hawtin live last week for free in Trafalgar Square (for Canada Day, randomly) and after his 45 minutes, was left wanting more.

EDIT: And here’s another not so good one from Awakenings 2010.

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